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I am sitting in the airport at BWI as I wait for my delayed flight to Chicago.  This has not stressed me out. I have no connecting flight, no dinner or theatre plans, just a relaxing visit with a relative who is pure joy to be with. Fun.

This is not the Black Comedy which is the subject of today’s post. Last night my travel related activities kept me up late and I got to see the Stephen Corbair Show. His skit was about Mike Pence visiting the Broadway play, Hamilton.  It was funny and I found myself laughing.  It was then that I realized that the next four years would be filled with Hamiltonesq humor provided by the Trump Administration. After 13 days of worry and fear, it’s finally registered as the bad joke of Black Comedy.

This sense of “relaxation”  was enhanced by friends earlier in the day. “Five Supreme Court Judges is a quorum,” they reminded me. “Obama has appointed so many federal judges that cases might never reach the Supreme Court,” they added. “Where will they find the case that will overturn Roe vs.Wade?” “What about stare decisis and legal precedent? These were things that I had not considered.

Lastly, they said “In two years when the wall has not been built; millions of his impoverished supporters have lost their Obama care or have had deep social security cuts, those folks will vote for change, again.” This is likely to be true.

Then my friends and I exchanged tales of white friends and associates who wanted to ensure us that  “they were with us”. This was a comforting and reassuring for me who was shell-shocked.

In fact, the day after the election a very unlikely stranger stopped to reassure me.  It was nice.

While there maybe closet and not so closet racists, bigots, homophobes and xenophobes, most Americans believe in equality for all.

In my heart, I know this to be true. We of the left, near left, center left will remain vigilant and fight to keep the values that have made America great.

A deep sigh.  I remain hopeful, after all, I am a black female immigrant from Guyana with two African American sons under age 30 and who has famiy members who are devout Muslims. In the meantime, when the days work is done, lets watch the Black Comedy on late night television.

In Love and Light

Brianna S. Clark

Your Fellow Journeyer




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