August 2015

We Turn Our Eyes Away –Stigma and Shame

Dear Readers, I was one of the stars in my law class- the class of 1996. I was glamorous, lived in a beautiful condo, drove an old BMW and had in tow my very cute male children who were toddlers at the time. People wanted to hang with me, study with me- pretty and popular. When word got around that I was recovering from a crack addiction, even men who

Too Much For Saturday

Dear Readers, Over the next seven days I am going to break down how addiction works in the brain and results in affects in the body.  I have always wanted to know how addiction works in the body, so I did a little reading and found an article which even I could understand. The information used in the “neurogym” article comes from a Harvard Study which began in 1938 and

You Ain’t no Addict- The Daily Struggle We Share

Dear Readers, Years ago while in rehab, I noticed that most of the inpatients did not look like Halle Berry in Jungle Fever. In fact, I was one of the few black people in rehab. (“Most of yall go to jail”, said the pasty intake  person.) No, I’ve not gone to jail, prostitute myself for drugs,but I am an addict. Recently, the folks who create the criteria for what constitutes

Lost in a Crack Pipe – A Simple Definition of Addiction.

Dear Readers, It was a very dark night as I weighed the cost of dealing with my crack cocaine addiction or simply committing  an “accidental overdose”.Years ago, when a fellow crack addict, who  introduced me to crack cocaine, told me that I was an addict, I sneered at him and told him to give up his role of amateur therapist. I  believed that I could stop using anything at anytime.

A Cautionary Tale.

Dear Addicts who Read, This morning as I super womaned my way to catch the 7:00AM MARC train from Baltimore to Washington DC. I realized that my ‘ audience” is “recovered” or functioning addicts like myself. While I am not a “mental health practioner” in fact I am a lawyer who once was on television. (Yes, all true.) I am also a Mother of 2 adult male sons who have