October 2015

“Sexually Explicit Performance”

Dear Friends, Tonight I delve into prostitution and men (although women buy sex) who buy sex. The US State Department estimates that between 600,000- 800,000 people per year in the United States are trafficked for prostitution. Maryland law defines a sexually explicit performance as a live, photographed, recorded, or videotaped act (public or private), in which the performer is totally or partially nude, and that is intended to sexually arouse

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Dear Friends,  I was walking the streets of Baltimore before the sun had risen to catch my train from Baltimore to Washington D.C. I traveled for almost an hour before the the light of dawn pierced the autumnal morning darkness. I returned home in the blackness of night. For the next 90 days this will be my schedule. Like an athlete preparing to run a marathon, I prepare to close

Beauty Stops the World on It’s Axis and Makes us Realize we are One.

Dear Friends, Today I finished reading Janet Fitch’s book “Paint It Black.” The story takes place in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. If you had asked me what this book was about when I was half-way through it, I would have said suicide and it’s after math,but it’s not. The book is about childhood trauma running from one generation to the next. Fitch’s book is an interesting unveiling of trauma

Popcorn popped on the Stove

Dear Friends, Last night’s blog topic, compartmentalization, was difficult for me to write. This was partially because I couldn’t wrap my head around this automatic behavior,  of which I had a dim awareness  and apparently little control over. I realized that in order not to feel, I sometimes just “do”. I dart around from place to place completing my goals and mentally congratulating myself for getting one step closer to

In A Box

Dear Friends, Today I heard a word that I have heard many times in the past  I thought I knew what it meant, but  after researching the subject I realize that I was not aware how this behavior operated in my life. Compartmentalization is a coping strategy. It is sudden and is triggered in the subconscious mind. This biophysical reaction prevents the individual from experiencing excessive mental and physical stress.  Environmental

Those Cheating Eyes…

Dear Friends, The worst thing about being unfaithful to your partner or your spouse is that you believe that everyone is like you- a cheater. I fit into the usual parameters of a lonely woman who in this case was caring for a dying husband. I know, it sounds awful. I had held out for more than two years. I was tired, tired of being a care-giiver, tired of being