November 2015

Sugar, Sugar Edification and Enlightenment

Dear Friends and Readers, I have spent hours researching the very “nuanced” subject of  sugar. There are three main types of sugars glucose, fructose and sucrose. However simple this may appear sugar is far more complex. Glucose All tissues in the body have the chemical machinery to break down glucose and use it for energy production.  This differs from fructose, which can only be processed through the liver. Glucose is

Understanding WhyMethadone Doesn’t Cure Heroin or Opiate Addiction

My Dear Friends and Readers, In my naivety, I thought that Methadone was a cure for heroin addiction. What I found out was that methadone addiction is often worse than heroin or opiate addiction.  Understanding any form of addiction means understanding the payoff and the hook of the drug as well as the cost of the addiction.  There are three large categories of drugs stimulants, opiates and hallucinogens. Heroin is

Heroin Addiction Characterized By Uncontrollable Drug-Seeking No Matter The Consequences.

Dear Friends and Readers, After the last Republican Presidential Debate, Donald Trump was the sole guest on one of our morning political talks shows. Heroin addiction in New Hampshire was the surprise topic of the morning.  I was caught off guard, because drug abuse and heroin addiction and New Hampshire are not words which are usually strewn together. Heroin addiction in New Hampshire exemplifies what a 63% increase in heroin

The Solutions to Cywolves and Paris

Dear Friends and Readers, As you know this blog was created when I returned from Paris this summer. My memories of Paris are fresh as I hear the news of the bloodshed. I am proud of the response of love and solidarity. In that love and solidarity I hope we do not forget that the perpetrators of the Paris blood shed are part of the oneness of the energy of

The Fraud Unmasked- “Impostor Syndrome”

My Dear Friends and Readers, Have you ever had the feeling, that “Oh my God what am I doing here?” I often have this feeling and many nights dream that I somehow  failed to graduate from law school, and that any day now, someone will find out that I didn’t have enough credits to graduate or I failed to do one small thing and I was never really admitted to

Poor White Women Are Dying and Nobody Seems to Care

Dear Friends and Readers, Last week was a busy and productive week. I spent most of my time writing about things that I cared about. . I was fortunately fired from my tedious legal job in Washington D.C. which has allowed me to write an article for a legal magazine and to help a hairdresser who got into a legal trap of unbelievable proportions. Over the week, I thought about

Jealousy- It’s Not Them; It’s You.

My Dearest Friends and Readers, Jealousy In a way our world and society has been set up so that our sense of self is often derived by comparison to others. It is a way we measure success or rank. Jealousy and envy occur when we compare ourselves unfavorably with another who we believe is attempting to replace us in some area in which we feel is personally valuable.  These emotions