December 2015


My Dear Friends and Readers, I am loving where I am; who I’m with and what I’m doing which is writing to you. I love this blog. I love your “listening” of me. I will share a slice of my day: My legal work today consisted of escorting my male clients to a check exchange. At a Starbucks, I watched three men fight over money even though  the checks were

The Role of Self-Criticism And How it Negatively Impacts Relationships.

Dear Friends and Readers, The other day I read an article that said that studies have found that there was link between people who were traumatized as children and difficulties in relationships. The article went on to describe how the tests were conducted and the size of the study groups. This was frustrating. I wanted to know why. Of course, I researched the issue and I discovered the missing link: self-criticism.

My Christmas Wish: That the Republican Party Acknowledge Global Warming

Dear Friends and Readers, Tonight is Christmas Eve and billions of people around the world will celebrate Christmas. This year, has been unusual for me. Surprisingly the holiday has been drama free and very low key. There were no marathon shopping expenditures or wrapping present teams. This has been a gift within itself. I wrote no Christmas cards. I hummed a few Christmas Carols and surprisingly for me I will

An Unnecessary Gift.

My Dear Friends and Readers, I sit in the lobby of a Catholic Hospital in a little city in the South. 50 years ago, I would probably not be allowed to sit where I currently sit. I am not sick, I am waiting patiently for a friend. My friend has the job of caring for the very poor and I imagine the very sick. The facility has seen better days

The Grinch is Hoping for a Light Blue Christmas

Dear Friends and Readers, It has been easier for me to admit to have been a crack addict than to tell people I suffer from depression. There is nothing exciting or interesting about depression. Most people who don’t suffer this emotionally painful mental disorder, have no idea what it feels like to feel nothing, to be afraid and anxious and stuck at the same time.  I have heard from other

An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been very good and I have worked very hard this year. I’m just stating this for the record, because I’m not trying to get into good graces with you. I don’t have a wish list of material stuff, because I’ve purchased most of it already. I am in great physical health, and I take very good care of myself, so Im good there. My mom is one

An Update on Defining Addiction in America

Dear Friends and Readers, Over the years the term addiction has evolved into making a distinction between substance dependencies and behavioral addictions. Before the 1980s, the so-called addictive personality was used to explain the development of addiction. The addictive personality was described as escapist, impulsive, dependent, devious, manipulative, and self-centered. Many doctors now believe that these character traits develop in addicts as a result of the addiction, rather than the

The Promise I Made When I Gave Up Crack

Dear Friends and Readers, Thank you for continuing to touch bases from time to time. As you know, this blog began as a place where I wrote about my personal struggles with cocaine addiction. And how I am currently in a “maintenance” stage of my crack cocaine addiction. By maintenance I mean that’s been almost 20 years since I turned my back on crack. I thank all and any higher