January 2016

A Special Blog to Children of Addicted Parents

My Dear Friends and Readers, For the past two nights I have dreamt about one of my sons, who I shall not name because he has disowned me. In my dream he is five and he was as rambuctious in the dream as he was in real life. He had lots of energy and is as then a most lovable and beautiful child. He adored me and I ignored him.

The Fixer vs. Being of Service

My Dear Friends and Readers, Today I sacrificed a personal opportunity to do a favor for a very good friend. A couple of my other friends asked me why I would do so, and I didn’t have an answer. This of course got me thinking why I had opted to do good for someone else. The answer is simple. It was not a sacrifice it was a service. To begin

“Get Over It” Is Not An Acceptable Solution.

My Dear Friends and Readers, We are less than three weeks into the New Year.  My resolutions and the way I live life are centered around my core values which are beauty, giving, teaching and health. Although, it has been only 18 days in this new year, I have seen and heard and read creative works which  have affected the way I think and perceive and therefore write. One of

On the Otherside of PTSD

My Dear Friends and Readers, Today I wanted to write about the drug Molly because I saw it on the television show Mr. Robot, but the show is far more interesting that discussing a drug which you can find everything you ever wanted to know about it on the Internet. Mr. Robot, for those of you who have never seen it is a tale told from the perspective of a

The Empty Rat Cage

My Dear Friends and Readers, There is a new theory of addiction that goes like this: We as humans have an innate need to bond. When we are isolated we will bond with whatever we can to be able to hold up under the current physical environment in which we find ourselves. This theory is not my theory but that of Bruce K Alexander, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University in

Just Listening is a Tremendous Gift

My Dear Friends and Readers, I am a keeper of secrets. For some odd reason  strangers tell me secrets which they have not shared before. I don’t know what it is about me that would cause people to do this. A long time ago a television news director told me that I had a believable face- so maybe that’s what it is. No matter what the reason people tell me