February 2016

Hillary, Has Written a Best Seller, Did You Forget?

Dear Beloved Readers, Here is Part 2 of My Series about Hillary Clinton, During that first presidential campaign in March of 1992 Hillary Clinton would come under fire from the media. During a campaign coffee break, campaign staffers noticed that Hillary Clinton was having informal conversations with members of the media.  Reporters began questioning her about her role as a law partner at the Rose Law firm and its possible

When Lipstick Becomes Racial

TO: My Beloved Readers, A Mac lipstick photo has sparked controversy. The above photo is a photo from Fashion Week that the cosmetic company released via instagram. The photo features a dark skinned model   with extremely full protruding lips wearing black lipstick. The photo received 30, 000 comments encompassing a wide range of opinions either disliking the photo or embracing it. I found the photo somewhat offensive.  It’s not

We Were Designed to Function in Groups

My Dear Friends and Readers, I know what its like to wake up in the wee  hours of the morning  filled with the fear and anxiety of loneliness; that sense of feeling all alone in a dark and dangerous world where I am incapable of meeting its challenges.  In an  ideal world I would turn to my sleeping significant other and feel the reassurance of  another body sleeping next to

The Confining Box of Race

My Dear Friends and Readers, It’s another cold wintry day in Baltimore and thankfully I am inside and warm and still glowing from a wonderful Valentine’s Day where I was able to do a combination of things that I love. I worked a little bit in Washington D.C.  Sunday morning. I came home to my wonderful home in the sky and made and ate a healthy Valentine Meal with my

Love Never Fails

My Dear Friends and Readers, Tonight, I write about love and how my beliefs about love have changed and matured. Here’s is where I began my journey in love: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. ┬áIt does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

What lays Beneath Your Anger?

My Dear Friends and Readers, I have come to understand the components of my rage. The elements of my anger/rage are betrayal and or disappointment. The other components of this dynamic are my expectations and unmade requests. There is always dual responsibility when people are upset or things go wrong-unless “the thing” that goes wrong is an act of nature or God. And oftentimes we are blind to the real cause

Caring Communities Equal Safety.

My Dear Friends and Readers, One of my earliest memories from childhood is of  me weeping and saying “nobody loves me.” That was me at five years old. The funny thing was that I held that belief -that nobody loved me and that I was intrinsically unlovable for most of my adult life. I did not realize that I had operated out of these beliefs until I was in my

Dream Sleep is Healing and Aides Creativity

Dear Friends and Readers, Last night I had a very bizarre dream. It was about Donald Trump, yes Donald Trump. Before I tell you what the dream was about I want to let you know that I am no fan of Donald Trump. I think he is a braggart and I hope he does not become President. With that being said here’s the dream or what I remembered of it.