April 2016


My Dear Friends and Readers, It was a cold windy wet day in Baltimore City. It was the kind of day that I would have rather stayed in bed and read a good book. It was not to be so. There are days in the life of a lawyer that dictate action within very narrow time lines created by the courts of law. Today was one of those days. But


My Dear Friends and Readers, One of the rewards of traveling is to expand self awareness by temporarily experiencing  the lives of others whose living environments differ from our own.  As humans we have to go outside of what we know to experience and understand what we don’t know that we don’t know.  This weekend I went to Taylor Falls Minnesota and St. Croix  Falls Wisconsin for a wedding celebration


  My Dear Friends and Readers, Attainment of my highest self would be to emulate the wolf. There are two wolf ways of being that I admire. One is that wolves mate for life. Therefore when their mate dies they do not find another one and thus the concept of “the lone wolf.” The other wolf way of being is the the leader of the wolf pack leads from the

Food Cravings the Last Frontier

My Dear Friends and Readers, I truly understood the level of my addictive behavior towards food when I was told that at least for the next 90 days I could not eat chocolate, caffeine, most aged cheeses, nuts or most beans soy or soy products and did I say chocolate of any kind? After a series of tests it was discovered that I had migraines without the headache. My brain

The Greatest Lie We Tell Ourselves is that We Will Always Have More Time

My Dear Friends and Readers, Tomorrow I will undergo a brain MRI- simply to exclude the possibility of a tumor growing on my brain. As usual in my dismissive way of minimizing things I did not bother to find out what an MRI consisted of and what precautions were necessary when undergoing one. Also, the doctor who ordered the MRI did not provide any of this information either. So, imagine

Thank you Mother for Trying to Raise My Social Status

Dears Friends and Readers, Today I am announcing that I am giving up my self-imposed role of beggar.  Beggars are not to be confused with paupers. A beggar is one who lives by asking for gifts from others or is one who feels that he does not have the requisite abilities or resources to succeed. A pauper is only poor.  The genisis of my moral confusion about poverty was self-created, but