November 2016


My Dear Readers, I am sitting in the airport at BWI as I wait for my delayed flight to Chicago.  This has not stressed me out. I have no connecting flight, no dinner or theatre plans, just a relaxing visit with a relative who is pure joy to be with. Fun. This is not the Black Comedy which is the subject of today’s post. Last night my travel related activities


My Dear Fellow Readers, Tonight I find myself a rich and fortunate woman. I am rich in female friends. I love that I have had the priviledge to call so many extraordinary women friends.  Tonight, I celebrated the birthday of  one  my dearest friends, Deartra. Deartra and I are both widows. Both of our husbands would die within the first two and  a half years of our friendship.  She and


My Dear Readers, Like many of you, I was disheartened by Tuesday’s election results. I was depressed and felt that I had woken up from a bad dream, in a world I was no longer familiar with.  I like many, felt that the Trump coalition was a tiny voice expressing the worst of our country.  There was no way, in my America, that he would be elected president. But he

Forgiving the Unforgivable

  My Dear Readers, No, its not about erasing what happened. There is much more. I cannot give you details about what is on my heart today because what troubles me is the accusation against a man that I know who is accused of raping his 14 year old daughter. I cannot tell you more than this because, to do so would easily allow the curious to find out who