December 2016

Making Healthy As Desirable as Rich or Good Looking-My 2017 Fantasy

My Dear Reader, I feel guilty. I asked myself as I leisurely strolled to  work this morning whether there could be such a thing as “Black Privilege.”  I decided “No”. One might be given additional “points” in a point system created by white people- but this is not privilege. There maybe some advantages like having stronger skin, but that is such a minor advantage – if an advantage at all-

Christmas Presents to the “Strangers” We See Everyday

    My Dear Readers,  Photo by Val Kelvans I give and give through out the year and because I am not religious Christmas is not a special time of giving. Now, don’t get me wrong. I gave presents this year and I gave generously.  This year I realized that there were people unrelated to me in any way that worked for me through out the year and it was important to me