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Image my surprise when my research discovered that I, we have been drinking too much liquid. I had erroneously held  the belief that there was never such a thing as too much water. Turns out I  and a lot of other folks are wrong and have been for many years. For four decades  results from a test were misinterpreted   and we all  learned that we should drink 8  8 ounces glasses of water or more a day. This information was absolutely wrong.

The Harvard Health Letter  recently published a a new water recommendation challenging the long standing 8 ounces, 8 glasses of water per day. They say that  the 8 ounces 8 glasses a day  theory wasn’t based on science and was an educated guess on what the body needs to be hydrated. Harvard recommends drinking 30 to 50 ounces of water a day which is equivalent to 4-6 glasses of water.

But it gets even trickier, the Harvard teams says that the  four-six cup rule includes all fluids not only water  and  should include foods like watermelon and lettuce and spinach and soup and coffee. In fact your entire fluid intake of should not exceed 6 cups of fluid -if your kidneys are normal.

So what happens if you drink more than six cups of fluid-let’s not even say water any more? First let’s add this critical element;  4-6 cups of fluid is if your kidneys are normal. Assuming your kidneys are normal 4-6 cups of fluids will keep you hydrated and you are “even.” Drinking an excess of 6 cups of fluids per day will weaken and stress your kidneys. In addition,  if you drink more than six cups of fluid per day this water will remain in your body. It will travel through your blood stream to be eliminated through the skin by perspiration. However, if you don’t perspire by excercise or hot temperatures the water will remain in your skin. Ahhhh, you might be thinking this is a  good thing; it is not.

As more and more waste water comes to the area in the skin where water is already retained, the tissue will bloat up to receive the additional water.  Since only “fresh” water is eliminated through perspiration the “stagnant” water remains  receiving more and more wastes. This accumulated “stagnant” water- which is actually considered urine- may stay in this bloated area of your skin for a day, a month up to   a  year or more. After a period of time, this water becomes mucus. This mucus is still waste water but in a  more solid form. You may think that you have fat, but in fact it is mucus embedded between the layers of tissue! It gets worse.

When this gelatin like substance hardens sufficiently we call it cellulite. If you add a diet that is rich in butter and fatty meats which are   components of cellulite, you will not be able to remove it by excercise. The only way to get rid of cellulite is to drink less fluid and to manipulate  these fatty areas by massaging them to break up the clots. Sitting in a sauna or a hot tub will also help reduce cellulite because when you add heat it expands the pores and allows for increased perspiration. Wow!

I don’t know whether I should believe this information- especially the part about massage, hot tubs and saunas, but the source is reliable and I trust the doctor who provided me this information.  I’m going to take his advice. I am going to reduce my fluid intake and sit in as many hot tubs and saunas as I can and get as many massages as I can. It will make for a great summer and I will report back in a couple of months.

In love,

Brianna S. Clark,
The Addict Writes

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