A Cautionary Tale.

Dear Addicts who Read,

This morning as I super womaned my way to catch the 7:00AM MARC train from Baltimore to Washington DC.
I realized that my ‘ audience” is “recovered” or functioning addicts like myself. While I am not a “mental health practioner” in fact I am a lawyer who once was on television.
(Yes, all true.)
I am also a Mother of 2 adult male sons who have completely cut me out of their lives for years.
So, in the world of addiction I am kinda of a peer expert.  Over the years I have gained spirituality, wisdom and self-love. Am I perfect? No, I am extremely flawed and I know it and own it.  Everyday I try to learn from the last day and do better.
I write to share, I right to let you learn from my mistakes, so you won’t make my stupid mistakes.
I will show you all of my ugly that I have learned to own so that you may use my life as a lesson and a beacon of hope. After all, my life has been a cautionary tale.
The Addict Writes.

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