My Dear Friends and Readers,

Attainment of my highest self would be to emulate the wolf.

There are two wolf ways of being that I admire. One is that wolves mate for life. Therefore when their mate dies they do not find another one and thus the concept of “the lone wolf.”

The other wolf way of being is the the leader of the wolf pack leads from the rear. The weak and the elderly set the pace. I truly admire this wolf way of being and wish and work towards attaining this kind of empathy and compassion toward the human sick and elderly. In my human way of being I would some how try to make the weak and elderly keep up or perish trying. Yes, I just wrote those ugly words that portray my unenlightened way of being.

As for mating for life, let’s just say I have failed to emulate the noble wolf.

So as I am pulled into action with both speed and dexterity, I must not forget the weak and the elderly or leave them to die a desperate death.  I am open for daily opportunities to explore my wolf ideal and my human reality.

I strive every day to share more with more of my travelers alongside this journey on this beautiful spinning planet of green and blue.

Signed with love,

Brianna S Clark
The Addict Writes

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