An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good and I have worked very hard this year. I’m just stating this for the record, because I’m not trying to get into good graces with you.
I don’t have a wish list of material stuff, because I’ve purchased most of it already.
I am in great physical health, and I take very good care of myself, so Im good there. My mom is one of the physically strongest people I know. She turned 80 this month and she seems in good shape. The same is true of the rest of my family and extended family. So that’s checked off my list. ( I even decided to forego liposuction.)

Speaking of my colorful crazy family, we don’t celebrate Christmas as a family like in the movie White Christmas, which was my standard  growing up for what Christmas should look like. Sadly because of that movie, for this South American Santa lover, it wasn’t Christmas unless there was snow. And like in the movie, Miracle on 34th Street, I’d hoped to get a new Dad, (sorry Dad.) and a new house and a baby brother. Also Santa, and this is important, within my group of siblings one of us is a Muslim, another an Episcopalian; one sister is undeclared and I celebrate everything but believe in No Thing. So, we look at holidays as days school or the bank and the post office won’t deliver. And we make it “work”.

 I know, some of you are probably confused. As children we were all reared as Catholics, and I guess it never stuck. I mean after all, one of my grandmothers was a devout Catholic married to a Lutheran.

So, looking at my list I see the coolest group of people -my friends. We chose each other.  I have amazing talented generous creative wise loving philanthropic unique friends. I’ll take more, but Santa, I’ve got a lot.

I even have great colleagues. Damn, I’m fortunate!

I am abundantly  blessed to have a  “Boo” that’s urban black for Beau- that sometimes I call Honey Boo Boo, but he’s faithful as a lap dog even though at times he’s known to chase cars.

Oh, I almost forgot, I could use a huge infusion of cash, and maybe this time I would invest wisely-but  I would not count on it. So, let’s move on.
So Santa,
Besides the cosmetic dentistry on my two front teeth, which I think I have handled,
I wish that we could try to get along and make it work for all. I know it’s a big gift, but take heart and just look at my friends and family; if we can make it work, anyone can.
Hey, thanks Santa, I know you are busy. Here’s a heads up:
the cookies are gluten free and the milk is
Brianna S Clark
The Addict Writes

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