I returned to Baltimore, which the snow storm of 2017 apparently missed,  after my airline carrier cancelled my return trip two days in a row. But this is not a tale about the storm or about the delays returning home; it is about the hope and love I encountered while in Birmingham, Alabama  the first city on the book tour for my novel, Cracked.

Cracked is not only about the main character’s  addiction, but also about her untreated trauma which years later when she is without support the stresses of her career and motherhood lead her to escape with a trust fund crack addict. The book is about relationships and whether those relationships are mutually beneficial or damaging.

While in Birmingham, I met people who had been negatively impacted by addiction and trauma.I met women and men, mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers who were themselves addicts or related to one. As I spoke about my own former addiction and recovery and broken relationships, they recalled their own, each understanding that trauma-of the physical body can translate to the mind, the human brain.

I was also privileged to speak with medical doctors and residents of Alabama’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, reminding  them that addiction is a disease of the mind and body, “Unless we heal the psychic wounds your patients in your future practices will be largely compromised of  people  seeking something to stop the pain” , something they have seen with our country’s growing opioid addiction epidemic.

While there were tears, there was healing and love and hope and a community which are all the things required to mend broken or “Cracked ” people.

Make it a day of light;touch somebody’s heart today.

Brianna S. Clark



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