My Dear Friends and Readers,
It’s the Fourth of the July. I am grateful to be free and I wish that each living person define and find their freedom.
As I wish everyone the right of self-expression, that expression cannot deny another’s self expression. I believe that  as human beings we have a duty to co-exist.  The alternative to co-existence is death of our entire eco-system.  Perhaps it is because our disintegration can be a slow process is why we often act as if destruction of any part of our system won’t effect the rest of the system.  This is the fallacy that keeps us looking at our differences rather than our similarities. We are all One, each made unique by biology, environment and culture.   
As we celebrate this Fourth of July let us remember that it is a holiday that altered the relationship between the United States and our then motherland, England. Remember that our founding fathers were once  considered traitors  in defiance of the establishment. 
As we live through the Fourth of July 2016 let us remember that systems that do not serve the majority or oppress a minority will never be at peace. Jesse Williams, an African American Actor recently said that if the systems continue to oppress us those systems will be redefined and the role of the oppressed will be altered. Those words scared a  lot of people and chastised others. Some heard racism, I heard a call to a revolution in thinking.  We the people seek a revolution where more than just a token or a privileged few own all the cookies in the box. 
The pictures in today’s blog were taken from inside a workspace designed to positively impact a  Baltimore community that was once riddled with drugs and decay and now has been dedicated as an art community. While art was being created inside, outside a bomb squad was ensuring that a package left on the side walk chained to a street sign did not contain a bomb. It is an example of the  contradiction in this city called Baltimore, in this thing we call life.   I believe  Baltimore will  be one of the communities who will  heal itself.  Let this old, proud, decaying city in need of rejuvenation become  a leader in healing a nation in need of  collaboration and unity. 
America, you are my home. I understand change and dysfunction.  I, we were birthed in upheaval. Let’s start a revolution and share and care for those  who whether by birth or fate or circumstance find themselves without access to the basics of survival. Let’s share. 

Happy Fourth of July. Do your part to positively impact the illusion that we are separate.


Brianna S. Clark,
The Addict Writes

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