A Quick Life Snapshot

The Journey of Self Discovery.

Day 24: My future is truly free or freer from my past no matter how glorious I thought that past to be. My personal 30 day yoga challenge was not to end up looking svelte. ( I have been svelte.) This challenge was to explore my inner dialogue- for it is what has created my world, my life. I have spent hours in absolute silence. In that silence I have

Awe and Wonder

Dear Friends and Readers, Life is moving at a seemingly fast and relentless pace, which is of course my doing. The last five months of work have been performed primarily to pay off a substantial debt which was created by my mismanagement of money. I realized almost two years ago when I wrote my first blog about my grandfather who was a gambler who gambled away his white walking cane,

Here Comes the Sun…Lil’ Darling.

This is Baltimore Penn Station pre-sunrise. Pre sunrise has become a magical time for me, an opportunity to experience Baltimore city before it awakens to morning rush hour traffic. The fog and darkness render this familiar landmark unrecognizable. In the past, I might have moaned about being tired ;getting up early;all resulting in a conversation that “life is a struggle.” Instead today my conversation is “I am outside on a moisturizer- laden

Just Call Me the Road Runner

These are the images that mark my journey from my day to day role as an Attorney to my role of Successful Author, One must meet one’s audience and engage.I am grateful for the opportunity, health, and support of all kinds from my diverse and talented community. Keep Moving Forward. ♥️

The Last Audition


Photo by S. Ross Brown My Dear Fellow Journeyers, I have had a great first week of being 60 years old. As I write that number, it feels incredibly old- but I don’t feel “old”. I feel happy and for most of the time, I am not conscious or thinking about my age. Last week on my birthday, a friend asked  me I had anything to say about turning 60.


Photo by: Stefan Barna | barna.stefan@yahoo.com This photo was taken during the Belgrade Marathon. Thank you Stefan Barna for allowing bloggers from all over the world to freely use your photo. Brianna S. Clark The Addict Writes