You Are Not Alone

  I had never heard of Nelsan Ellis when he was alive, but his death from alcohol addiction has touched me in a painful way. I think of my family members (and  myself) and  our battle with alcohol. I recall bloated faces, smiles that don’t hide physiological or psychological pain.  The struggle against alcohol, a substance that is prevalent, socially accepted and imbedded into our culture is ever present is daunting.


I returned to Baltimore, which the snow storm of 2017 apparently missed,  after my airline carrier cancelled my return trip two days in a row. But this is not a tale about the storm or about the delays returning home; it is about the hope and love I encountered while in Birmingham, Alabama  the first city on the book tour for my novel, Cracked. Cracked is not only about the


Dear Friends and Readers, Over the past twenty years since I graduated from law school my family and friends have asked me how was it possible that I became a crack cocaine addict  a month after I had passed the Washington State bar. Up until now,  I had vague answers based on my own personal reflections. Now, however, Bar Associations have finally caught up to what’s trending in the legal