Photos From the Battle Field of Gettysburg.




My Dear Fellow Journeyers, “It is never completely dark,” he would say to me. It is a truth of physics which I could not deny. Yes, there is always light. If there are stars, the sun and the moon it is a physical impossibility for there ever to be complete darkness. I knew the moment he stopped and introduced himself to me, that he was intended to be in my

The Greatest Lie We Tell Ourselves is that We Will Always Have More Time

My Dear Friends and Readers, Tomorrow I will undergo a brain MRI- simply to exclude the possibility of a tumor growing on my brain. As usual in my dismissive way of minimizing things I did not bother to find out what an MRI consisted of and what precautions were necessary when undergoing one. Also, the doctor who ordered the MRI did not provide any of this information either. So, imagine

Thank you Mother for Trying to Raise My Social Status

Dears Friends and Readers, Today I am announcing that I am giving up my self-imposed role of beggar.  Beggars are not to be confused with paupers. A beggar is one who lives by asking for gifts from others or is one who feels that he does not have the requisite abilities or resources to succeed. A pauper is only poor.  The genisis of my moral confusion about poverty was self-created, but

The Wolftamer and the Trip I Kept Secret

My Dear Friends and Readers, Last August under hypnosis, I dreamt about my own death and  confirmed that a man that I know is my soul mate. This was an unexpected experience, but a client had paid my way to a book marketing seminar which happened to be on a cruise ship to Alaska. On the first night of the cruise, my client and I learned that a famous psychiatrist

The Worst Decision I Ever Made

My Dear Friends and Readers, I will always remember the circle of faces of women in substance abuse recovery consisting of all ages, mostly African-American with a sprinkling of white faces. Regardless of age or race the common denominator  shared by all was the hope emanating from beneath resignation and anger. I stood in front of the group and introduced myself… “Writer, Lawyer, former television news journalist and former crack

Hillary, Has Written a Best Seller, Did You Forget?

Dear Beloved Readers, Here is Part 2 of My Series about Hillary Clinton, During that first presidential campaign in March of 1992 Hillary Clinton would come under fire from the media. During a campaign coffee break, campaign staffers noticed that Hillary Clinton was having informal conversations with members of the media.  Reporters began questioning her about her role as a law partner at the Rose Law firm and its possible

When Lipstick Becomes Racial

TO: My Beloved Readers, A Mac lipstick photo has sparked controversy. The above photo is a photo from Fashion Week that the cosmetic company released via instagram. The photo features a dark skinned model   with extremely full protruding lips wearing black lipstick. The photo received 30, 000 comments encompassing a wide range of opinions either disliking the photo or embracing it. I found the photo somewhat offensive.  It’s not

We Were Designed to Function in Groups

My Dear Friends and Readers, I know what its like to wake up in the wee  hours of the morning  filled with the fear and anxiety of loneliness; that sense of feeling all alone in a dark and dangerous world where I am incapable of meeting its challenges.  In an  ideal world I would turn to my sleeping significant other and feel the reassurance of  another body sleeping next to