Dreams, Have you Got Any you Want to Revive?

Dear Readers,
 Where ever you are as you read this blog, jail, hospital, mansion in Beverly Hills, Baltimore basement apartment or Inner Harbor Ritz Carlton Home, this blog is about not giving up on yourself or your dreams. Others will always criticize your dreams. You will criticize your dreams. Both are fine as long as you don’t stop pursuing your dreams.  I know that dreams require action. Each day I do one thing to move myself one step closer to my dreams. I do this even in the face of the darkest moments. It is hard, but the alternatives are not options.Dreams give us a reason to live- to get up in the morning. Goals are the building blocks of dreams.
Life is often times ugly and there are times that look like we have no hope, yet here we are making the best of wherever we are.From our joint darkness may we seek the light together. May our journey help the wounded, send love and heal.
As the rain begins to fall and the temperatures drop, when we don’t have the warmth of the sun on our faces and on our backs I hope we will find the good and if not the good the humor in what life throws our way. After all, success can be measured in how fast we clean up our messes; burrow under or over or around our obstacles.
Ask yourself what dreams have I given up? Then do one thing towards that dream. One tiny thing is enough.
And here’s a reminder: The pulse of Life is not so much about reaching those goals and living those dreams, but the process, path, or journey in achieving them.
As we enter the Fall this blog will reflect upon current events, politics, art and any insight I might have gleaned from moving beyond survival to creation.

The Addict Writes “Beauty stops the world and reminds us that we are One.”

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