My Fellow Journeyers,

Today began with sadness  as 21 year old Tawon Boyd, a African American Male who lived in Baltimore County, died three days after a “fight” with police. The police were responding to a domestic fight where  Boyd’s girlfriend called the police because he was acting “crazy”.  The picture is hard to look at, but I’m glad that the media is showing it. At the same time there was a second day of rioting in Charlotte North Carolina as people protested to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Two lives blasted to death and the third pummeled to death at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve and meet out justice.  I am so tired of reading about these police shootings.

Originally,  I wanted to write about my coming to terms with the number of male beggars that approach me on my eight block walk from my home at the edge of  the Mt. Vernon historical district to my office in downtown Baltimore. But these deaths of these men by the hands of the people we expect to meet out justice and protect causes me sadness.

I know that we can not let violent acts lead to more violence. Fight the dark with light. What I did today to create light was to meet with a group of lawyers to implement a renovation of Baltimore’s dangerous and blighted communities. We listed our individual strengths and what we could contribute to the realization of a Beautiful Baltimore for Everybody.  I am uniquely placed to make this happen. If I do nothing else but create the team  which transforms my chosen home of Baltimore Maryland it will be will be one of the greatest things that I will have accomplished.

I began at 9:AM with bankers. By 1:PM 4 lawyers had drafted a rough plan to present to local politicans with which we have worked with for years. By 3:PM four developers said they wanted to be in the conversation. I am a happy with the thought of possibility. One person can create positive change.

During these dark days of political ugliness where all the “isms” are raging, let’s keep making light in the face of darkness. Create light.

With love and light,

Brianna S. Clark
Your Fellow Journeyer

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