My Dear Friends and Readers,

I am loving where I am; who I’m with and what I’m doing which is writing to you.

I love this blog. I love your “listening” of me.

I will share a slice of my day:

My legal work today consisted of escorting my male clients to a check exchange. At a Starbucks, I watched three men fight over money even though  the checks were already signed.

All the clients and their counsel are men, except for me. It was a high stakes male “emoting ” “peeing” contest refereed by me. And I got “peed on.”

“Paper”  was exchanged in the forms of letters  and checks to the assigned players. Everybody got paid, but me.  I guess I’ll have to get my guys to go after the bad guys, which are my clients.

In the past I would have spent the day fretting about not being paid. In the past, I would have been angry and sad, but now I quickly move on.

I didn’t get richer in the sense that I didn’t “need” the money. (Actually, it has nothing to do with “need”, its payment for work completed. ) What changed was that I now know it’s how I choose to perceive what happened, and I immediately took actions to create money from other sources, instead of feeling mad, angry or sad.

 I attribute my ability to “get over it” quickly to be a part of flow. In this “flow” I acknowledge my emotions, but I don’t indulge them. My emotions are not allowed to run wild. Also, I don’t bury my emotions, so that when I reach the “last straw” they and I don’t explode and spew over everyone and everything.

When one is in flow you flow to the next thing.

 I had no plans today and it’s continuing to be an enchanting day.

It’s the last day of 2015.
Make it memorable.

Happy New Year!


Brianna S Clark
The Addict Writes

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