Here Comes the Sun…Lil’ Darling.

This is Baltimore Penn Station pre-sunrise. Pre sunrise has become a magical time for me, an opportunity to experience Baltimore city before it awakens to morning rush hour traffic. The fog and darkness render this familiar landmark unrecognizable.

In the past, I might have moaned about being tired ;getting up early;all resulting in a conversation that “life is a struggle.”

Instead today my conversation is “I am¬†outside on a moisturizer- laden breezy spring morning before sunrise because I am chasing my dream.” Life is a conversation.

If I place being up in the early morning in the context of “chasing my dream” then it is an affirmation of my desire.

I have only recently realize that I interpret the facts and circumstances of my life. I can either create an interpretation that spurs me to take appropriate action or one that stops me from taking appropriate action. These are really the only two choices.

So, if you are going to create a story about what happened in your life or day make it one that creates transformation through appropriate action.

Happy Friday, what needs a linguistic re-write in your inner dialogue?








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