Hillary, Has Written a Best Seller, Did You Forget?

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Here is Part 2 of My Series about Hillary Clinton,

During that first presidential campaign in March of
1992 Hillary Clinton would come under fire from the media. During a campaign
coffee break, campaign staffers noticed that Hillary Clinton was having
informal conversations with members of the media.  Reporters began questioning her about her role
as a law partner at the Rose Law firm and its possible improper relationship
with the State of Arkansas when her husband was Governor. During the
questioning Hillary responded “You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and
baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my
profession, which I entered before my husband entered public life.” The
statement would cast Hillary Clinton as a feminist out of touch with women who
had chosen traditional female roles.  This
implication of “out of touch” would trail Hillary Clinton over the years, but the
Clintons surmounted the obstacles and in November Bill Clinton was elected the
42nd President of the United States. Within days of Bill Clinton’s
inauguration, Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to have an office in the
West Wing. Days later, President Clinton would appoint Hillary as the Head of
the Task Force on National Health Care Reform.
Bill and Hillary’s new titles of President and First
Lady did not shield them from Whitewater. Whitewater was the name given to  the investigations into the real estate
investment of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim and Susan
McDougal, in the Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed business venture
in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Whitewater resurfaced on July 20, 1993 when Vince Foster,
Deputy Counsel to President Clinton and the man in charge of handling Hillary
Clinton’s legal matters including the Whitewater affair was found dead, his body
resting on a slope besides a civil war cannon with a pistol by his side.
There were multiple investigations into Vince
Foster’s death including one headed by Special Counsel, Robert Fiske Jr.  Fiske’s investigation team consisted of four
lawyers, five physicians, seven FBI agents, approximately 123 witnesses; as
well as DNA, microscopic and lasers tests.   Fiske would conclude that Foster’s death had
been a suicide.  Other investigations
would come to the same conclusion, but the Foster suicide remained a subject of
conspiracy theories. Some say the fact that Foster’s office was sealed from
investigations created suspicions that Foster’s office was sealed because Whitewater
related documents had been removed.
A year after his inauguration, in January of 1994,
Bill Clinton asked United States Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint an Independent
Counsel to investigate Whitewater. This was another first for a sitting First
Lady.  A few months later in May of 1994,
Whitewater would be momentarily pushed out of the headlines when Paula Jones a
former clerical worker in the office of then Governor Clinton filed a sexual
harassment suit against President Clinton. Two months later, Congress would
begin hearings into Whitewater.  Later
than year, in fall of 1994 Congress would abandon   Hillary
Clinton’s health care reform plan.
Rather than lament the failure to attain health
care reform, Hillary Clinton writes a book called “It Takes a Village.”  In January 1996, Hillary Clinton went on a
ten-city book tour, making numerous television appearances to promote the book
but wherever she went she was plagued with questions about her involvement in
the Whitewater and Travelgate, the name of the scandal which some
say ultimately led to Vince Foster’s suicide. Nine days after Hillary
began her book tour, the tour and Whitewater were momentarily forgotten when a
three judge panel ruled that Paula Jones could go forward with her sexual harassment
lawsuit against Bill Clinton. The Jones story quickly lost momentum, and the media
continued to besiege Hillary Clinton with questions about Whitewater. She
responds as she had on many occasions saying “I will do anything to cooperate
and to bring this matter to a close, and I’ve said that continually.”  Ten days later under subpoena from the
Independent Counsel, Hillary Clinton appears before a grand jury.  This was another first for a sitting First
Lady. Five months later, the Clinton’s former Arkansas business partners in the
Whitewater affair Jim and Susan McDougal and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker
were convicted of fraud in the first Whitewater trial.  Forgotten amidst the Whitewater investigations
was Hillary Clinton’s book, “It Takes a Village” which spent 18 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List including
three weeks at number one.  Within a four-year
period from the date of publication Hillary Clinton’s book would sell 450,000
hard cover copies and another 200,000 in paperback.  A year later in 1997, Hillary Clinton
would win a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for her audio recording of her
book, “It Takes a Village.” Moreover, although she fails to reform health care,
Hillary Clinton led the fight to pass the Children’s Health Insurance
Program; worked to increase funding for cancer research and treatment,
osteoporosis and juvenile diabetes; and supported the Brady Bill and the
assault weapons ban.


Brianna S. Clark
The Addict Writes

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