My Dear Friends and Readers,
I loved everything about the Democratic National Convention. I really loved the last night, however there was one speaker who created some angst within me. That speaker was Chelsea Clinton.

 I listened as Chelsea Clinton lauded her mother who was First lady and Secretary of State and Senator from the state of New York. I cringed   as I heard Chelsea relate how her Mother wrote notes and put them in envelopes with the dates on them so that her daughter could read them in her absence.

From a personal standpoint I never had a mother who did anything  like that for me. For those who never knew their mothers or lost their mothers, there was an unknowingness about what Chelsea was talking about. I was envious. In comparison, I had fallen remarkably short as a mother. I also realized there are millions and millions of mothers and daughters who had no idea about the kind of relationship that Hillary and Chelsea seem to have. How were we to relate to this fairytale mother daughter relationship? Were we simply left to wonder what this kind of relationship was like and imagine what our lives might have been had we had a mother anywhere like Hillary Clinton?

I realized that Hillary Clinton had a lot of help  being a great mother.  If every mother had someone to drive them everywhere;  if there was someone to prepare your meals; clean your house do the laundry and the dishes you too could have had the time to write those little notes  so that your child could read them on each successive day of your absence.

 To all the mothers out there who felt that  they could not keep up to the standards of our Presidential nominee First lady; Senator from the state of New York, forgive yourselves. It is a hard World out here for working mothers.  You are  the one doing laundry, making lunches, cleaning the house and driving your kids.There’s little time for writing and doing special things. That doesn’t mean that you’re not great. You are the norm, Hillary is the exception. For every kid who  wondered how come their mom wasn’t like, Hillary, I know your mother would have done the same thing had she had all the help and all the staff that Hillary Clinton had. I ask that we put Chelsea and Hillary’s rerelationship in perspective. As we look   and evaluate the roles of mother and women in these days and times, it’s a hard life out here for  women and mothers.

While I’m glad that the relationship of Hillary and her daughter was not damaged by Hillary’s public life, all mothers should be held to the standards of the circumstances they are in and not compare or judge themselves to Hillary Clinton or any other mother in circumstaces different from yours.


Brianna S. Clark
The Addict Writes

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