2 Replies to ““I Only Drink Oolong Tea.””

  1. March 25th was a great day for me. I was able to spend a wonderfully warm and sunny day with a warm and great person. I think Brianna’s friends were right to warn her of the dangers associated with this type of meeting. I am glad that she trusted me. I read Brianna’s book prior to our meeting and I find the book most intriguing and real. I was hit with shock and awe with some of the information revealed in the book. However, I am so glad at the opportunity to meet Brianna again. I have never known anyone who possessed the courage and fortitude to overcome the severity of the problems associated with drug abuse, child abuse, and molestation. I applaud Brianna’s success and her ability to choose life. Why Brianna came to my mind is a mystery. I had been thinking of my horrible third grade experiences with my teacher. Perhaps through this lense Brianna was captured in the picture. I always thought Brianna was a nice person but due to the open warfare and hostile environment I found myself in, I chose to be very quiet and try to get to know people from afar. I love tea and oolong is my favorite. As I drank my tea I knew I had healed a little too. Thank you Brianna for enviting me into your home and for being so graciously accepting. Letitia.

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