The photo of the female Episcopalean priest is an example of the inroads women have made in all professions. This woman and I met in a coffee shop and I took the photo. In opposite is the picture of the 12 year old  Afghan child bride. I am saddened that young girls are being married off to become wives when they are still children. According to the International Center for Research on Women, one third of girls in the developing world are married before they are 18.  One in 9 are married before they are 15.

This week was revealing to me about me. This week I took off my mask, showing my audience what I looked like make-up free. Equally illuminating, is the persona, the person who I present to the world which is reflected in the selfie of me in sun glasses on my way to work this morning.

I dealt with people in various forms of crisis. I had to portion out and balance how much I could give to each. It is wisdom that deals with competeing needs. I did something which I have not done in the past, which was ask for help.  I am particularly proud that I took care of myself. I ate well and I excercised and got at least six hours of sleep each night.

I am grateful for the friends who came to my rescue this week, even though all of us knew that all I needed was the knowledge of the team behind and before me and  by each side.

I had accepted several challenging commitments, each within themselves  possibly overwhelming.   I performed at my heighest level of possible performance. I am saddened for some of the choices that I had to make for the good of the group. Those descisions are always hard.

There are uncountable challenges in the world today. Find the best in  your life.  Hold on . Add to it.  Give some away. Share.

Let’s keep striving.

With light and love,

Brianna S. Clark
Your Fellow Journeyer

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