It has been heart- rendering to read about the cuts in social and arts programs that this administration has proposed in its budget.

Can they really be this mean?  How  can this Administration gut social programs and the arts to create guns and war and a wall? Meals on Wheels and the eradication of the National Endowment of the Arts followed by a roll-back of protections for student loan borrowers and the dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency cuts a swath across what creates Humanity.   Who is not hurt by these proposed cuts?

America  wake up. Trump is creating an oligarchy to rival the current and past Russian Oligarchies. If not the 1% who agrees with him -then “Then let them eat cake.”

There is no time, in American or World History except for the French and Russian and American Revolutions that more reminds me of what is occurring in this country today.

Each of us must take a side.



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