My Christmas Wish: That the Republican Party Acknowledge Global Warming

Dear Friends and Readers,

Tonight is Christmas Eve and billions of people around the world will celebrate Christmas.
This year, has been unusual for me. Surprisingly the holiday has been drama free and very low key.
There were no marathon shopping expenditures or wrapping present teams. This has been a gift within itself.

I wrote no Christmas cards. I hummed a few Christmas Carols and surprisingly for me I will attend a Christmas Eve Service. I am not attending because of any religious belief but more to stand in solidarity with the family members who I am with today. It is a Christmas concession.

The other surprising thing for me is that this will probably be the first Christmas where I will not gain weight.  My usual average weight gain over the past three years has been 3 pounds during the week of Christmas. Over the past five years of Christmases I have gained  approximately a ten pounds. One of the reasons why there will be little weight gain is that most of my meals this Christmas week have been vegetarian. This includes my Christmas dinner which will not have any meat.

It’s not that I have become meatless, but I honor the family members who have gone meatless in their commitment to reduce their carbon foot print. For those of you that don’t know this, we eat about 50 to 150 burgers each year. Each burger consumed causes about 9.5 pounds of emissions into the atmosphere. This number includes everything from feeding the cows to transportation and refrigeration of the meat. That’s a lot of emissions. So one less burger this Christmas is not a hard feat to accomplish.

The other weird thing, this year for those of us who reside in the part of the country that is usually freezing around this time of the year, is that it is warm outside. The temperature in D.C. today is 71 degrees. The average temperatures in December since 1980 is around 25 degrees in December. Normally Baltimore Maryland at this time of the year is around 28 degrees. Today the temperature in Baltimore is 65 degrees and humidity is 93%. I write all of this to say that hey, there is a warming trend in the world. Unfortunately, most of our politicians are not in D.C. to feel the heat, but perhaps they will take note of how warm it is wherever they are today.

As we near  the close of the year, along with my wish that the Republicans will acknowledge global warming I am hoping that as a people we can learn to respect and embrace all of our differences and manage to co-exist in peace. I know that’s its a tall order, but I can hope and dream.

So for today, I will attend a church service, eat a meatless meal and hope that my presence will be enough of a present for those who share the day with me.

Merry Christmas!


Brianna S. Clark
The Addict Writes

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