The Last Audition


What Now?

Today, I am home, exhausted from activities related to the Women’s  March on Washington. My pink hat lays in front of the television-likely to never be worn again.  The hat is symbolic of an event where women spent money and time to make a statement about many issues facing us in America.  Our President is creating us as a nation who is xenophobic, homophobic, mysoginistic, racist and self interested just


This evening, instead of money, Brad needed blankets. He asked me to bring him blankets or sheets.  I walked home wondering which blanket I could give him.  As I entered the building where I live, two men behind me said “We saw you talking to Brad.” I turned and said, “He needs blankets.”  One of the men, his name is Ben, said that he had given Brad two blankets a

Making Healthy As Desirable as Rich or Good Looking-My 2017 Fantasy

My Dear Reader, I feel guilty. I asked myself as I leisurely strolled to  work this morning whether there could be such a thing as “Black Privilege.”  I decided “No”. One might be given additional “points” in a point system created by white people- but this is not privilege. There maybe some advantages like having stronger skin, but that is such a minor advantage – if an advantage at all-

Christmas Presents to the “Strangers” We See Everyday

    My Dear Readers,  Photo by Val Kelvans I give and give through out the year and because I am not religious Christmas is not a special time of giving. Now, don’t get me wrong. I gave presents this year and I gave generously.  This year I realized that there were people unrelated to me in any way that worked for me through out the year and it was important to me


My Dear Readers, I am sitting in the airport at BWI as I wait for my delayed flight to Chicago.  This has not stressed me out. I have no connecting flight, no dinner or theatre plans, just a relaxing visit with a relative who is pure joy to be with. Fun. This is not the Black Comedy which is the subject of today’s post. Last night my travel related activities


My Dear Fellow Readers, Tonight I find myself a rich and fortunate woman. I am rich in female friends. I love that I have had the priviledge to call so many extraordinary women friends.  Tonight, I celebrated the birthday of  one  my dearest friends, Deartra. Deartra and I are both widows. Both of our husbands would die within the first two and  a half years of our friendship.  She and