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My Dear Friends and Readers,

There comes a time when as human beings we realize that we must accept our present circumstances in order to change them. A part of the acceptance process is assessment. At the  top of my assessment list is whether or not I am happy. This begs the question how do I know when I am happy? (I know, you just know. ) But, my role as blogger is to create a foot print upon which, if you choose, create your own emotional foot print for  happiness.

Often times when I wake up and I’m happy, I rub my hands together, in the way a hungry person might do before they devour a delicious meal. When I am happy, I can devour anything that comes my way. More importantly, I transform anything which happens as a benefit to me. I mean anything.

Sometimes, when I am happy and the day is mine to with as I please, I lay in bed  reading, which is one of my favorite things to do. Or I watch my favorite morning talk show as I eat my organic oatmeal with raw flax seeds. Or I flip through a magazine of beautiful things of any kind as I savor my one cup of   Italian espresso creamed with soy milk.  Or I  spring from my bed because I am unable to contain my enthusiasm to engage the day. Happy.

When I am happy I see beauty every where and where there is none. This is because when I am happy I am engaged in my surroundings rather than being engaged in a conversation in my head, of which often times the conversation has nothing to do with my then current reality. In fact, that conversation usually blocks my access to my current reality.

The next items on my assessment list is whether I am being of service; teaching in a healthy way that inspires me and those around me. But since this is my criteria of happiness, it usually only has to inspire me.  If the answer is yes to all of the aforementioned, I move forward choosing actions and words that are effective, decisive and hopefully will contribute to the greater good.

When I am unhappy I focus on myself  in a negative way, more like what’s missing or what did I fail to do or what did I do wrong?  Focusing on myself is a bad place to be. When this is where my focus is turned, I engage in the most brutal forms of self-criticism. I depress myself and I find myself in confusion and unable to act with conviction. I am a hollow being,self-centered like a baby.

So what makes you happy? How do you know you are happy?  Make your own list of happiness criteria even if it simply begins with the gratitude for being alive for another day.


Brianna S. Clark
The Addict Writes

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