“Recognizing Angels”

My Dearest Friends,

Yesterday I posted a blog about how to recognize Angels. That blog dissappeared into the blog graveyard. Actually, I think it was seized at the law firm’s (where I work(ed)) server in New York.
I realized that the value of my experience is to guide us along our best path.
 I believe in angels. I believe that angels have helped me.  Angels come in human form.  Every encounter with another human being is intended to reveal  something about ourselves. Angels will always emmanate light. They will attract your attention often times by sitting perfectly still. Right after they capture your attention, listen closely to your next thoughts. That is the message delivered. Encounters with angels can last for 2 seconds or for as long as required.
The first time I recall encountering an angel I was fourteen years old. I was in the maternity ward at the now torn down D.C. General Hospital. I was having my second abortion within six months. Pregnant from a father who didn’t care enough to prevent me from getting pregnant. At that time, my world was was bleak. I was alone, afraid and feeling like damaged goods.
In the wee hours of the morning, I got up and began to roam the hospital. I went down a couple of floors and in a corner there she stood wearing a filmy blue night dress with a matching blue robe. She was smoking a cigarette, and I knew even then that smoking was prohibited in a hospital. She didn’t try to hide. I don’t know how long we talked. I didn’t think it was long. I told her that I thought she was beautiful. She told me that she was in the hospital to get a hysterectomy. I told her that I was sorry. She said through a puff of smoke, that she was old. She guessed why I was there. She didn’t ask questions. I saw strength and light in her eyes. “Stay in school.” she said as she opened the door leading back to the hospital. Later that day, I went to find her. I thought that she said she was on the the same floor as I was. I even went to the nurse’s station to ask about her but she was gone.
I am now almost 60 years old and I still think about her. Back then, nine months later, I would be in California, where through the help of a school guidance counselor, I petitioned the court of California and became an emancipated minor. I thought of the lady in blue back then. Somehow she knew that someday a school official would sense that something was amiss in my life.  She might have been teacher, but I now know that she was an angel.

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