My Dear Readers,

Like many of you, I was disheartened by Tuesday’s election results. I was depressed and felt that I had woken up from a bad dream, in a world I was no longer familiar with.  I like many, felt that the Trump coalition was a tiny voice expressing the worst of our country.  There was no way, in my America, that he would be elected president. But he was.

Like in all tales of good vs. evil, in order to understand  the power of evil, you must experience it.   I guess that is what will happen to us as Americans.  From my view point as a an African American female who has two black sons, I am fearful and yet I remain hopeful.  I was glad to see that 90 percent of African American females had voted for Hillary.  I was disappointed that more than 53% of white females voted for Donald Trump. I am sure they have their reasons, and at a moment when my heart is not so raw, I will perhaps comprehend their actions. I am disappointed that many of my fellow Democrats failed to come out to vote.

I was happy to see that half the nation, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation voted for Hillary.  I was encouraged that many young people between the ages of 18-25 voted for Hillary. I believe that these young people will save the world including our bloated Boomer Generation where many of  us feel that we have been left behind or have failed to keep up and therefore were left behind.

I for one, know that this is not the time to give up. Hillary Clinton may be a lost cause. Perhaps she was the right candidate at the wrong time or the wrong candidate for this time. We will never know. Hopefully, Mrs. Clinton will continue to serve our country in some manner.  Although, many thought she was deeply flawed and was dishonest, I do not believe that many of us could withstand public scrutiny over 30 years,as she has. I know I would have failed.

Over the next two months, I will prepare for my book tour. While I hope to sell books, I want to bring compassion and understanding and education about addiction. For many, addiction has been a moral issue rather than a physical or mental one. Thankfully, medicine and science has advanced to realize that some of us are just genetically pre-disposed to addiction. But more than that, I want people to know that less people would become addicted if they believed their was as social network to support them.

I understand this is a loaded statement. What is a social network? It is people who care and who are emotionally invested in us.  You will ask, “Isn’t this a contradiction to people being genetically predisposed to addiction?” Not really.  A predisposition for addiction, does not guarantee addiction, it only makes it more likely under stress our trauma.

My second point,  that I would like to communicate when I speak on this subject is that there are many kinds of trauma and that poverty is one of them. This statement brings me  back to why I must continue to work and to work quickly, efficiently and tirelessly. With the current administration in place, I fear that many more millions will fall into poverty and they will not have the resources to help.  I fear a America who does not care about health care or addiction or people who do not fit into a narrow neat box.

I will continue to believe and act with ideals of America. I hope you will too.

With light and love,


Briana S. Clark,

Your Fellow Journeyer


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