The Happiness Seminar

If there is a word that describes the past few weeks in my life that word is “accomplishment.” I mention this because I am taking a test course on”Happiness,”conducted by one of the world’s premier educational consulting groups, Landmark Education Corporation.

What I have noticed after my first on-line seminar  which I watched and listened to Sunday night, rather than participate live, was that this morning I woke up and checked into myself, deciding that I was ready to get up before my wake-up alarm sounded. My usual Pavlovian reaction would be to bolt out of bed like a racehorse at the sound of the bell. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

The “takeaway tenant ” from the first Happiness Seminar was that I “we”‘ have been operating out of the fundamental misperception that  we are not the source of our own happiness. Therefore,  we seek external  circumstances to determine whether we are happy or not. Crazy.

I also saw that my recollected sense of “happiness” included the elements of accomplishment and tears often bitter because the road to that attainment was rocky and filled with the desire to quit.

Seeing this connection created an opening to not interpret my life from rules or memories from an already given background or past, but instead to feel life intensely in the moment. Otherwise, we miss life and re-live and asses the report or story about what happened. We miss life because we are not present to it.

Shortly after this realization, moments later I picked up a bottle of hair shampoo that looked similar to a bottle of body lotion and slathered shampoo all over my body.


So, the Seminar reminded me to be present in life rather than in my head assessing and judging everything.

Theses insights have already altered the actions I have taken since listening to the Seminar 12 hours ago.  I got so much already, I cannot wait for the next six courses.

This  is a “test course ” and hopefully Landmark Education will offer it to the public via the internet. Until that happens, I will keep sharing with you.

With that said, “How do you experience Happiness?”






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  1. Susan says:

    You’re right, Brianna, you have accomplished so much, you certainly deserve to be happy to just “be.” Your presence is so powerful, and it brings such happiness to others. Knowing that you are you, that you are my friend and that you are out doing your good thing in the world makes me very happy!!

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