The Promise I Made When I Gave Up Crack

Dear Friends and Readers,
Thank you for continuing to touch bases from time to time.
As you know, this blog began as a place where I wrote about my personal struggles with cocaine addiction. And how I am currently in a “maintenance” stage of my crack cocaine addiction. By maintenance I mean that’s been almost 20 years since I turned my back on crack. I thank all and any higher power, universe for never having a craving for crack since I put that crack pipe down. I gave my life to God that morning almost 20 years ago. That didn’t mean I went to church or proselytized anything. Giving my life to god meant having a life where my life, my actions made someones life better. I only wanted to be an instrument of good.
Have I failed? Many many times each single day. And I renew my commitment and try again.
I have never relapsed into smoking crack. I have funneled that addictive energy into other things. Many good, some not so good.
As a result I have over done many things from shopping to being addicted to another person- which was my hardest addiction to address and over come.
I have written about many  subjects from Hillary Clinton to how I dealt with the death of my father who had been abusive to me when I was a pre-teen.
This blog has taken many paths and many voices. Each of those voices have been an authentic expression of my interests.
 I share my research with you  because someone might find  some tiny piece of information that may change their future for the better. For this reason, I have put more in-depth research into the subjects which I write about.
I promised to tell you how to slow the absorption of sugar into the blood. I will.
It’s so complex that I will have to break up the blog into a five part series.
Sorry, at heart I am a teacher and an amateur medical researcher with the training of an attorney. It’s coming. Check back again. There’s always information about subjects most people don’t even think about.
Brianna S Clark
The Addict Writes

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