The Solutions to Cywolves and Paris

Dear Friends and Readers,
As you know this blog was
created when I returned from Paris this summer. My memories of Paris are fresh
as I hear the news of the bloodshed. I am proud of the response of love and
solidarity. In that love and solidarity I hope we do not forget that the perpetrators
of the Paris blood shed are part of the oneness of the energy of the universe.  Unfortunately there are times as humans and as
groups of humans we forget this simple fact: that we are all energy. When our
basest emotions are at play we commit the basest of acts. We commit these acts
forgetting that all of our actions have consequences, even if the consequence
which occurs was never intended.
With this being said, I
would like to share with you the story of the Cywolf.  The story of the
Cywolf exemplifies an unintended consequence of which we do not yet know the
full consequences. Throughout the past 40 years I have read about one department
of our government or another and its efforts to control the wolf population in
North America. I have never understood why this was necessary, but a group of
experts thought it was a good idea. By controlling the wolf population our
government meant killing off some agreed upon number of wolves. Twenty years or
so into the reduction of the wolf population, I began to read that the
government was too successful in the reduction of the wolf population. The very
same wolf populations were becoming extinct.  Whether they chose a different department of
our government or not, I don’t know, but hopefully a different governmental entity
was given the job of keeping the wolves from going extinct. 
I stopped hearing about “wolf”
stories and I thought it was because that I was no longer donating to the various
wilderness groups that I had once donated. An alternative thought was that the
wolf issue had been stabilized and no one had announced this success. I rested
easily in my ignorance, until I read an internet article about a species called
the “Cywolf.”  The Cywolf is the result
of our government’s desire to “control” the wolf population of North America.
Inadvertently, our government killed so many eastern
and western wolves that wolves began mating with coyotes. Currently a group of
scientists studying the Cywolf report that they have found dog DNA in the feces
left behind by this new breed.  The dog
DNA has given the Cywolf the fearlessness of dogs towards humans.  In other words, the Cywolf has traits of wolves
and coyotes and the smarts of an urban dog. What this translates into is that the
Cywolf is venturing closer to urban populations.
It has taken
decades to create this Cywolf and its impact on the wolf population and the
human population has not been quantified. 
I am sure that when these Cywolves begin venturing into too many urban
populations we will hear more about them.  By the time Cywolves make the evening news it
will probably be too late for us to look for a way to humanely keep Cywolves from
pets and small children. We will look at each other in amazement and ask how
could our government allow the Cywolf to be created?  Each of us will probably find ourselves
blameless in the Cywolf creation and talk about Cywolves on Facebook.  Government experts will probably decide that
they will have to kill off the Cywolf population.  
I do not have any
solutions about what to do about the Cywolf population. I do not have any
solutions to offer about the conditions which created suicide bombers who
killed themselves and others in Paris this past Friday. However, I know I share
responsibility because these people who killed themselves and others are a part
of the shared energy of our universe.  I hope
as a people and nations when we ponder how to manage the events that led to the
Paris attacks, that our first response is not to kill off anything.  I hope that all solutions begin to take into
consideration that we are all a part of the same energy on our little planet
called Earth. I hope in our solutions to any problem that we recognize each
other as points of light within diverse physical confines and understand that underneath
our skins of many colors we are light, simply light and all are one.
Brianna S. Clark,

The Addict Writes

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