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Dear Readers,
Over the next seven days I am going to break down how addiction works in the brain and results in affects in the body.
 I have always wanted to know how addiction works in the body, so I did a little reading and found an article which even I could understand.
The information used in the “neurogym” article comes from a Harvard Study which began in 1938 and became the world’s longest study on human behavior.
The subjects were all male white men with the best of everything- and some of them ended up as alcoholics…  (Oh my how could this be possible – they had everything!)
What was discovered was the disease and yes, I mean medically defined,disease of addiction, is a disease of the brain. It’s the very part of the brain that helps us make rational choices. The hormone responsible is dopamine.
Dopamine is the reward drug of the brain. This hormone is released when there is an unexpected reward. And the brain remembers this reward and secretes more dopamine therefore tricking the addict to choose the thing that induces the greatest reward rather than life affirming choices like food, sleep and shelter.
So the first effects of addiction are behavioral, i.e. all the wrong choices- by diease. According to my resesrch (which was finding and using research from others)  The human brain was designed to register the rewards of food and sex…and not drugs.
(If there are any neuro scientists or Medical Doctors reading- please chime in.)
I know this is a lot to digest. Ask yourself what’s causing your dopamine secretion?
More on Monday. The addict writer chills on Sunday.
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  1. To answer your question "What's causing your dopamine secretion?" I believe relationships are a major cause for mine. I know its best to know thyself before getting involved, but I have found myself going to extremes to seek out relationships, mostly romantic or sexual. I just can't seem to get enough. Thank you for your post! Keep up the good work!

    Johnnie Smith @ Ranch Creek Recovery

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