What Now?

Today, I am home, exhausted from activities related to the Women’s  March on Washington. My pink hat lays in front of the television-likely to never be worn again. 

The hat is symbolic of an event where women spent money and time to make a statement about many issues facing us in America.  Our President is creating us as a nation who is xenophobic, homophobic, mysoginistic, racist and self interested just like he is. And while the March was a statement that is all it will be unless we the marchers continue to spend our time and money combating the forces that support the positions of our current administration.

I admit, I feel a little hopeless,  a little discouraged and rudderless because I don’t have a next move, a next step. I don’t have a big community of kind, generous women- and even if I did -what should, would, could we do?

I personally must seek and execute a plan to fight against an America that I have never known in my adult life. Yes, I am fearful- one would be foolish not to be-and hopefully that fear will propel me into action. But what?

Over the next few days, perhaps weeks I will be seeking the what. I hope you will join me.

I will share my specific plan of action and the subject area in which I choose to take a stand. I know this: I cannot  fight all the issues on all the fronts, so I must pick one or two. During this process I will look within to find what troubles me most and work in that specific area.  I also know that my work may not be on a national platform, but more on a local level.

As I write these words,  I know I must work on voter education and registration-,because that’s what got us here. When I know what my specific actions will be, I will share them with you. In the meantime, I am still wearing my pink hat.

Brianna S. Clark




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